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brig admin 3: Well it appears we will have nice weather for Easter. Frosty mornings are predicted, but afternoon temperatures are predicted in the 60's and 70's. Happy Easter everyone. It been a fantastic year for daffodils. Apr 19, 2014 15:54:56 GMT -7
brig admin 3: It was 74 yesterday. It snowed all day today. Predicted temperature for tonight is 21. Good thing the Easter bunny has a fur coat. Apr 15, 2014 16:33:22 GMT -7
brig admin 3: This new cold front might miss Ohio as it appears to be headed east of the Allegheny mountains; nonetheless I suspect out temperatures will be effected. Good thing Easter is late this year; otherwise no flowers and the Easter bunny would need a sled. Mar 31, 2014 16:22:20 GMT -7
brig admin 3: start showing green. Not this year. A few flowers are trying to break the surface but it all still looks mighty barren. Winter still rules. The next three days are predicting highs from 52 to 70 but warn that another cold front is likely by weeks end. Mar 31, 2014 16:19:16 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Two inches of snow the night before last let us know that winter is still hanging on. No snow left today as temperatures courted 60. Tomorrow the prediction is 70 for daytime and 30s at night. Normally daffodils and tulips are blooming now and trees Mar 31, 2014 16:15:58 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Actually there is one other period when our nearly constant winds cease. In the Spring when everything is in full bloom; if the temperature drops to around 32 give or take 3 degrees, the wind will totally stop and the killing frost settles in. Mar 15, 2014 17:12:17 GMT -7
brig admin 3: But winter is far from over. Subzero temperatures tonight and possibly tomorrow night and a wind driving the chill factor even lower. Ohio has got to be one of the windiest states in America. The only time it stops is when the temperature tops 90. Mar 3, 2014 18:25:53 GMT -7
brig admin 3: will be going to school up into June to make up all of the snow days. So far this area has had snow, lots of it, but we missed the freezing rain and ice that plagued the eastern states and even the southern part of Ohio. Mar 3, 2014 18:21:09 GMT -7
brig admin 3: This has been the winter without end. I'm on the eastern section. Ohio, the southeastern portion of the state. We've lucked out so far in that we have been between the really bad bouts of snow and ice. We've had our share, to be sure, the school kids Mar 3, 2014 18:18:06 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Good to hear from you again. I knew the Scots and Irish were closely related in some fashion. I see the Scots are clamoring for independence again. They are a small country; but technically they were independent for a very long time. I hope they make it. Mar 3, 2014 18:13:58 GMT -7
lophophora: Been crazy floods these last few weeks here, and winds too, but the greenhouse just hung in there!Winter was overall quite mild though. You have had some extremes of weather there? one coast snowed in and the other in drought? Mar 1, 2014 4:31:18 GMT -7
lophophora: The scots are descended from a tribe of irish way back in the mists of time I think Mar 1, 2014 1:20:54 GMT -7
lophophora: Hi Brig, no you didn't in any manner insult me! Sorry, I have been busy and not always online. Mar 1, 2014 1:18:45 GMT -7
brig admin 3: lophophora if I in some manner insulted you; it was definitely unintentional. Feb 23, 2014 15:48:20 GMT -7
brig admin 3: I'm not as well aquainted with Wales. But I understand many of them still speak their original language. Must be quite a feat in a country so small. Jan 18, 2014 18:22:00 GMT -7
brig admin 3: A branch of my family is well established in Ireland and carries its own Coat of Arms. Beautiful green coat headed by a stag. But then, according to most histories I've read there isn't a great deal of difference between the Scots and Irish. Jan 18, 2014 18:18:38 GMT -7
lophophora: Our ancestry goes back to Ireland, via Wales Jan 18, 2014 1:07:39 GMT -7
lophophora: I am in the east, near Cambridge. The south coast of ireland, and down in cornwall, can remain quite mild most winters, they even have lizards! But I've nevsome er seen a native one. Jan 18, 2014 1:07:08 GMT -7 *
brig admin 3: Do you live in the south of England?I understand it is almost tropical. Something about the Gulf Stream,I believe.I have always been fascinated by thngs Irish, Scot, and English. My ancestors originated in Clan Keith of Scotland. Jan 17, 2014 18:33:56 GMT -7
brig admin 3: I have a real love of tomatoes and I plant variety of peppers. Way too wet for cactus. I prefer the tomatoes with a high acid content. They have the best taste with a bit of zing. I ordered a new computer. This one is shot (or should be) Jan 17, 2014 18:26:23 GMT -7