1353BC to 1313BC -- Aaron in Egypt while Moses was in Midian


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brig admin 3: on the planet display unmistakable evidence of such. Keep in mind Dr. Brandenburg was a major part of the NASA team for many years.Dr. Brandenburg backs up his theories with NASA's own facts. His most recent book, " Death on Mars", I well worth the reading Jan 12, 2016 17:02:03 GMT -7
brig admin 3: And he believes the evidence indicates it wasn't millions, but rather, thousands of years ago. He believes there was a humanoid civilization on Mars that met a cataclysmic sudden end. He says there is evidence that the end was thermonuclear and two areas.. Jan 12, 2016 16:55:57 GMT -7
brig admin 3: I have been reading a good deal more material by Dr. Brandenburg. He says NASA has known for quite some time that Mars was once a verdant living world that came to a deadly end very quickly (on a geologic timescale) Jan 12, 2016 16:52:00 GMT -7
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brig admin 3: May only have low life forms today; but I suspect it had higher life forms at some earlier times even if those life forms did originate on Earth. There is evidence on Mars of a nuclear holocaust and strange dorms that could be plant life. Jul 28, 2015 16:48:04 GMT -7
brig admin 3: When NASA won't even admit to finding microbial life on Mars by the Viking Craft; you can bet they are going to be even less happy about ancient civilizations and advanced life on some of our planets or moons. There is life on the planet Mars. Jul 28, 2015 16:42:00 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Sorry about that Ishtar; no insult intended. I guess it's a chauvinist thing. I think you might be interested in the book "Death on Mars" by Dr. Brandenburg. It seems quite a stretch and yet he backs up his conclusions. Jul 27, 2015 17:33:03 GMT -7
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brig admin 3: artifacts on Mars that are more than likely artificially produced. See "Death on Mars" by Dr. Brandenburg. Jun 24, 2015 17:25:45 GMT -7
brig admin 3: As show n, the pyramid is rather small. It is possible that it is the tip top of a larger structure. The configuration appears artificially made; however, only close observation could determine that for sure. As Dr. Brandenburg points out there are many Jun 24, 2015 17:23:02 GMT -7
curious: Enter your reply here...http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2015/06/21/nasas-curiosity-rover-snaps-pyramid-fo Jun 22, 2015 14:30:18 GMT -7
curious: Saw this article and thought it was interesting. http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2015/06/21/nasas-curiosity-rover-snaps-pyramid-fo Looks like a pyramid on Mars. Jun 22, 2015 14:27:39 GMT -7
brig admin 3: and the face. The first few chapters of the book are a personal take on the conscience of the author, but once past that, the reading and verification of facts become very interesting, indeed. I recommend this one. May 11, 2015 16:44:36 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Whether or not you believe the man; the book is extremely interesting. It includes the internal warfare between factions in NASA and answer many of the questions on many peoples minds. Why, for example, did NASA try to hide the facts about Cydonia and the May 11, 2015 16:41:32 GMT -7
brig admin 3: nuclear firestorm sounds like a science-fiction novel until you see the evidence. Mr. Brandenburg not only has a PhD but worked for NASA and the Atomic Energy commission for a great number of years. May 11, 2015 16:37:08 GMT -7
brig admin 3: I finished the book, "Death on Mars" Brandenburg. He has some really wild theories. But the point is, he can back them up. His contention that there was a former civilization on Mars that blew itself out of existence or was blown out of existence in a... May 11, 2015 16:33:15 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Did you see where a NASA scientist has claimed that Mars was blasted by thermonuclear devices some time in the past? Wasn't from Volcanos nor did it come in from space. Now just what does this scenario suggest? Apr 29, 2015 16:09:36 GMT -7