1353BC to 1313BC -- Aaron in Egypt while Moses was in Midian


Welcome to the Atlantis Rising CHAT!
ishtar: weird Apr 20, 2015 7:17:25 GMT -7
ishtar: hello Apr 19, 2015 17:12:09 GMT -7
ishtar: hello Apr 19, 2015 17:11:56 GMT -7
brig admin 3: We are still awaiting you, Orion. Any progress yet? Mar 14, 2015 16:02:42 GMT -7
orionvonkoch: I miss the old days when we had lots of folks coming here... Feb 14, 2015 21:50:44 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Who is there? Jan 9, 2015 17:52:46 GMT -7
yeroc namenots: knock knock Jan 7, 2015 20:07:30 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Orion, perhaps everyone is waiting for your new report. Nov 12, 2014 17:10:54 GMT -7
orionvonkoch: It has been a long time since I was here, and I still see some of my posts...Low membership... Nov 10, 2014 14:24:13 GMT -7
Administrator: Well, I finally got the page changed! I'm trying to fit in everything else with my Books along with a part-time job I'm going to be taking, too. Oct 15, 2014 21:21:02 GMT -7
orionvonkoch: Brig, it is so complex, I can hardly understand it myself at present. My old mind is just not as good as it once was. Pray for me please that I can finish this before I see the back door. Aug 17, 2014 19:30:43 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Well, Orion, we're waiting.Are you afraid I'll argue with you? Heck, I might. So what? This is a debate forum, is it not? Maybe I'll be in agreement with you. Who knows? If Catastrophe and I can agree (most of the time), maybe we can too. Aug 14, 2014 16:10:07 GMT -7
brig admin 3: That sounds .......interesting. Jul 28, 2014 17:01:37 GMT -7
orionvonkoch: I am so old that I am beginning to think I see my self coming from where I went... So, I am writing a new series of things...The Universal MacroSphere... Jul 27, 2014 20:29:21 GMT -7
smiley4554 - Admin 2: Anita, I'm not surprised. Let me check it out. Jul 26, 2014 14:20:13 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Well, Anita I guess that makes sense, since that is your name. I have run into the same problem a couple of times. We'll know who you are either way. Jul 17, 2014 17:15:25 GMT -7
brig admin 3: skolog: Sorry about that. We really did try to get what you were communicatimg. Just too old, maybe. Orion and I are rather long in the tooth. Jul 17, 2014 17:12:42 GMT -7
Author Anita Meyer: Hello everyone, just letting you know that I changed my user name from "silver" to "Author Anita Meyer". The reason being... I tried to edit my profile and add new information, but it kept telling me that my current username (silver) was already taken. Jul 16, 2014 18:08:32 GMT -7
skolog: oh lala! You are on your own. I did my best Jul 14, 2014 15:59:10 GMT -7
brig admin 3: Happy July 4th! All you colonials. To the rest of you.....Have a nice day. Jul 4, 2014 17:06:11 GMT -7